Baderdrive Doctors gets connected with Spark and Microsoft Teams

Today businesses are required to deliver efficient and effective services, or they risk getting left behind. Even small businesses like GP clinics have an essential role to play in New Zealand communities, ensuring Kiwis have access to healthcare.

Baderdrive Doctor’s is a small not-for-profit GP clinic located in Mangere, Auckland. This is an area where getting to the doctors isn’t always affordable for locals. The team at Baderdrive have an ongoing mission to help as many as possible reach their healthcare services. 

The need for new technology systems

Tighter government guidelines regarding patient data and security meant that Baderdrive’s manual system was not meeting requirements. The need for more secure system was essential to ensure that patient data was kept safe.

On top of the existing barriers that patients already faced, it became clear that these technology issues needed to change. The Baderdrive team realised they needed to completely transform the practice’s technology.

Creating a modern workplace environment that was more connected, collaborative and secure would result in better outcomes for their patients and business.

Microsoft Teams offers a solution

At Spark, we saw straight to the heart of the issue: the absence of a central IT system Baderdrive could ‘drive’ by itself.

“We knew that in order to create real change, we needed to be looking at the bigger picture as once Baderdrive’s technology was integrated from the top, this would make all the other aspects fall into place,” says Shane Toal, Spark IT Partner.

Goodbye aging handsets – hello Microsoft Teams-enabled phones. Spark installed Microsoft Teams-enabled phones across both sites, so connectivity was no longer an issue. Patients were able to easily book into the practice without disruption.

Baderdrive’s manual roster system was also migrated to Microsoft Shifts, which meant that error was less likely to happen creating more consistent rosters. Having all the information in one central place meant all staff had a clear understanding of where they needed to be.

Keeping connected during COVID

The benefits of the technology transformation for Baderdrive showed up very quickly. On the first day of their new systems, New Zealand went into the first COVID-19 lockdown.

As staff were working on various COVID-19 testing sites, the shift to Microsoft Teams meant that communication between each other was easy. Rosters were also able to be uploaded quickly for all staff members to see.

By having all their new systems in place, Baderdrive’s team was able to seamlessly shift to remote working for the lockdown.

Creating a more efficient future

With Microsoft Teams successfully driving Baderdrive’s day-to-day systems, the Baderdrive team are motivated to keep exploring opportunities that new technology can bring.

Microsoft Shifts offer ways for businesses to be more efficient with their processes for annual leave and timesheets. Baderdrive is also interested in the additional security features Microsoft 365 can offer to help create a more secure workplace.

The new connection with Baderdrive and Microsoft Teams has successfully changed their ways of working. Here at Spark, we’re pleased to leverage Microsoft technology to help Baderdrive on their mission of improving accessibility for their patients.

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