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Future State is a technology summit presented by Spark Business Lab and Semi Permanent.

Watch high-impact key-notes, listen to podcast episodes and read articles on groundbreaking concepts, technologies, business models and more.

Led by innovators at world-changing companies, Future State aims to help New Zealand businesses level up their skillset while expanding their understanding of an ever-evolving technological landscape.


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Discover the future of productivity and our planet in the third instalment of Future State.

Coming to Spark Arena on 2 May 2024. Tickets on sale now.

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Our upcoming event 

As technology continues to reshape our world at an accelerated pace, traditional models are giving way to new ways of living and working.

At Future State, leaders from world-changing companies discuss how businesses can adapt to seize new opportunities and ensure their continual success at a time when environmental impact is as imperative as growth.

⁠Discover insights from leading experts at Accenture, Slack, IKEA and more, as they delve into the obstacles and advantages of implementing digital transformation in the corporate world, covering crucial topics such as sustainability and productivity.

When: Thursday 2 May

Where: Spark Arena, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

Meet our speakers


Scott Galloway
NYU Stern School of Business

Scott Galloway is a Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, bestselling author and serial entrepreneur. He's served on the boards of directors of the New York Times Company, Urban Outfitters and Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Scott founded Section, an online education platform for working professionals, in 2019, where he teaches business strategy. Scott will be presenting at Future State remotely.

Noelle Russell

Noelle Russell, the Data and AI Market Lead at Accenture Federal Services, has led tech teams at NPR, Microsoft, IBM, AWS and Amazon Alexa. She is a respected tech expert in generative AI and responsible innovation. Russell founded the AI Leadership Institute and has received awards for her work including Microsoft MVP for AI and VentureBeat's Women in AI Responsibility and Ethics award.

Håkan Nordkvist
Ex-IKEA Group

Håkan Nordkvist, Former Head of Sustainability Innovation for IKEA Group, is a visionary leader known for his innovative solutions. Håkan introduced initiatives like IKEA's clean energy service, plant-based options in IKEA restaurants, 'Furniture as A Service' and local production with advanced technologies. Additionally, he founded Launch Nordic, a creative platform in collaboration with Nike, NASA, USAID and Novozymes.

Ethan Eismann

Ethan Eismann is the Senior Vice President of Design at Slack, overseeing teams to create a user-friendly and productive future of work. Before Slack, he led design and product teams at Airbnb, focusing on global home-sharing. Additionally, Ethan held design leadership roles at Uber and Google, where he spearheaded the development of transportation, shopping, travel and payment experiences.

Damon Gameau
The Regenerators

Damon Gameau is a multi-talented award-winning screenwriter, director, author and activist. His notable works include the Tropfest short film 'Animal Beatbox', the highest-grossing Australian documentary 'That Sugar Film' (2015) and the book 'That Sugar Book'. Gameau also directed '2040' and co-founded Regen Studios for ecological impact campaigns. He's actively involved in projects like 'Regenerating Australia' and the upcoming 'Future Council' documentary.

Rachel Brown
Sustainable Business Network

Rachel Brown, founder and CEO of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), has been a prominent champion of sustainability for over 20 years. Rachel is a respected figure in the New Zealand business community, providing strategic guidance to various businesses and government agencies. Rachel was recognised for her contributions with the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2018.

Jayden Klinac

Jayden Klinac is a sustainability promoter with over 11 years of experience designing waste-free products, materials and packaging. During this time, Jayden has formed numerous profitable businesses and worked with prominent companies around the world, as well as in New Zealand. Jayden is leading a PHA facility build in Australasia, bringing sustainable polymer production to the region. He has won multiple national and international awards for his work.

Sara Smeath

Sara Smeath is the co-founder of CiRCLR, a B2B platform that helps businesses decarbonise by turning waste into a resource. Before CiRCLR, she was H&M's Global Innovation Team Leader, responsible for sustainable component development. Sara is passionate about reducing carbon emissions through sustainable supply chain transparency.

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