Sustainability will play a big part in the future of New Zealand businesses.


At Spark Lab we believe sustainability offers a huge opportunity going forward for New Zealand businesses of all sizes. 

We care about making business more environmentally conscious, so we’ve partnered with the Sustainable Business Network and its associated partners:

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Case studies

Hear stories from Kiwi businesses already taking climate action using the Toolbox — they’re sharing their experiences to help you take action in your business. Check out what’s being done around New Zealand to help build a more sustainable future for all of us.

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Hear from Dame Ellen MacArthur

Spark Lab recently delivered a virtual event with global sustainability thought leader Dame Ellen MacArther on the topic of ‘Building a Global Circular Economy’. You can hear insights from Dame Ellen MacArthur's full talk by clicking the link below.

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Sustainability at Spark

Building a better future at Spark is about doing business in a way that protects our natural environment and supports the creation of an equitable society, where all New Zealanders can prosper. Read more on approach to people, environment and governance by hitting the link below.

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The Sustainable Business Network

The Sustainable Business Network is New Zealand’s largest network of sustainable businesses. You can find more tools and advice on sustainability in business by heading to their website. Visit website