Owning the customer fitness journey


The technology needs of Inception Labs have evolved since the Christchurch business was founded in 2016. 


Starting out as a supplements retailer, they soon expanded to take on distribution, wholesale and product manufacturing. It wasn't long before they added in their own gyms, completing their ownership of their customers’ fitness journey.


“We really target the professional client, so the people that are looking for very science-driven, established products. The people that want a friendly and inclusive gym environment”, says Matt Walley, Co-CEO of Inception Labs.


As a result, the business needed more than simple cellphone usage for their staff members. They required wall-to-wall WiFi and a secure access system for gym members — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Together with Co-CEO, Elise Walley, Matt shares how Spark have helped Inception Labs establish secure, reliable and easy-to-manage systems that operate around the clock.


Watch the full video above.