How IOT drives innovation



Autosense looks at all aspects of driver and operator safety. They teach awareness and offer solutions for vehicle fleets across New Zealand. Their modules and trainings make people more aware of risks and help them make safer decisions.

Adopting new technologies into Autosense has created a range of new training opportunities. Charles Dawson, CEO of Autosense, explains how this has allowed them to adapt to better suit their clients.

Paige Lahman, Spark Account Manager for Autosense, was there to help Autosense on their IoT journey. She discusses the ways that IoT has been incorporated into their business with positive outcomes.

“IoT is changing the way that businesses operate all throughout New Zealand. What Autosense has done has been a great demonstration of that innovation."

To hear about the wide range of technologies Autosense utilise and the outcomes this has had for their business, watch the full video above.