A new point of view for Starex



Starex has been helping develop young Kiwi minds for 39 years.

This trusted Mount Maunganui business specialises in educational furniture and fit-outs for the early childhood sector. To continue providing premium products to their community, Starex have had to adapt over the years.

We talked to Managing Director Matt Cooke about the growing role of tech in creating innovative products. 

Changing their business model

Matt talked us through the shift in their business as they adopted a design led business model.

"We started to look more at how we make our furniture not just from a functional point of view but from an aesthetic and design point of view."

"We recognised that with our customers, as we started to go more design led, that people are more image based. They need to see things to understand what they're going to get."

Building trust

Matt discussed how keeping it local with their Spark Business Hub team has set them up for the jump to selling offshore.

"Right from the very first contact (with Spark) they've been positive. They came across, they listened to our needs, and they implemented everything that we needed."

"They've helped us create exactly what we needed from an IT and communications point of view. They really assisted us as a small business." 


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