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Responsive web design

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A responsive website adapts to fit the screen size of whatever device is being used with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling.


Responsive web design is a type of web design that provides a customised viewing experience for different browser platforms such as computers, tablets, smart phones.


Why is responsive web design important?

As mobile usage, especially smartphones, is increasing it is important to accommodate the needs of your customer whether they are viewing your website on their phone or on a computer.


We are embracing mobile shopping, mobile now accounts for 50.3% of all e-commerce traffic.


Steps to making your website responsive:

Step 1:  Check if your website is responsive – there are free sites that enable you to do this such as (your website provider may have already made your website responsive)


Step 2:  Talk to your website provider about the options available


Step 3:  If your website provide can’t help, research other agencies


Step 4:  Get quote(s) to transition your website to a responsive design


Step 5:  Recognise that mobile browsing is expected to outpace desktop browsing, consequently you should consider implementing responsive web design to remain competitive


Step 6:  Factor the costs of a responsive website into your budget (short term?, medium term?)


Step 7:  Select the company to create your responsive website

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