Four tips for increasing Facebook engagement

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At the start of 2018, Facebook changed its News Feed algorithm.

What’s the big deal?

Well, the algorithm determines what users see in their News Feed. Users now see more posts from friends and family, and fewer from businesses. So it's now harder for businesses to connect with their fans without paying to promote content.

Business content that isn't promoted is organic. Your organic reach might be much more limited since these changes to the News Feed algorithm. No matter how many fans or followers you have, you will only be hitting a fraction of them with posts.

Here are four ideas for making your Facebook posts do more work for your business.

1. Create a buzz

The algorithm prioritises posts that create a lot of conversation. Don't try to incite anger, but if your post does lead to a debate, it’s likely to reach more people.

2. Make it social

Facebook ranks content from friends higher than other content. So it's important that your staff "like" your page. That way, when they share your content, it’ll reach even more people. A recent survey showed that users are sixteen times more likely to read a post from a friend than from a brand.

See the survey results

3. Think "video"

Facebook prioritises video over other media. In fact, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said that video is a big part of the future of Facebook. Whether it's a fun video of your employees or a how-to guide for your biggest fans, post videos. And remember that videos on Facebook don't play sound by default, so include captions and other text.

4. Focus on the feed

Target the News Feed, not your business's page. Instead of curating your cover photos, focus on creating high-quality content. Many businesses are proud of their Facebook page, but most people will never make it there. It’s all about the feed!