Why gender inclusivity is good for business

Find out how your business can use Beyond Binary Code to re-think gender data collection. 

Spark and rainbow mental health organisation OutLine have teamed up to help rewrite the internet with Beyond Binary Code. Beyond Binary Code aims to make online spaces more gender inclusive by getting businesses to re-think how they collect and use data.

An outdated internet system

The internet is based on a binary system from the 1950s. Many online forms only give two options for gender, which means people outside of the binary are forced to go invisible online.

Businesses use data collection online through forms to design better, more intuitive products, services and experiences. But if the data collected isn't accurate, or isn't necessary for the business, it can actually do more harm than good.

Beyond Binary Code aims to change this. The downloadable code can be used to help businesses create online experiences that are gender inclusive. The code can be added to your website to adjust forms and fields so that everyone, no matter their gender, feels seen.

The benefits of inclusive data

As data has a huge role in our everyday lives, customers expect businesses to treat their data sensitively and with respect. By going beyond the binary, you can better align your business with an increasingly diverse society. This also means you are allowing your customers to feel seen.

Businesses who see people as they see themselves are better equipped to innovate further, engage more authentically and attract new customers. Using Beyond Binary Code, you can re-think how your business collects gender-related data. Reflect on how you ask for gender data, and also whether you need to ask for it at all.

Implementing Beyond Binary Code into your business

The Beyond Binary Code website features a guide to help you determine whether your business has a legitimate need to collect gender data. If so, you can implement Beyond Binary Code using the base code that is available on the website.

This base code can be modified and fields added according to your business’s specific data needs. The code outputs a form which may include data points such as a name field, which allows customers to provide the name which reflects their identity (differs from a legal name). It may also include fields to share pronouns, prefixes and a variety of gender options. You'll also get helpful information including good data privacy practices, which help your customers feel safe.

Small changes on a website form can have a huge impact for individuals. By offering more gender fields, or a space to write pronouns, you instantly allow someone to feel seen and signal to rainbow communities that you aim to be an inclusive organisation. Read personal stories from the rainbow community about their experiences online. View stories

Learn more about Beyond Binary Code

Beyond Binary Code aims to help businesses improve data collection practices. Help rewrite the internet to be more inclusive – it’s good for business.

Find out more about using Beyond Binary Code in your business by heading to the website. You'll also find helpful resources to help you get company buy-in, implement good data privacy practices and a guide to updating your CMS with the code. Go to Beyond Binary Code