Heavy duty meets high tech


Keeping safe on the road

Whether you’ve got 40 tonnes of freight behind you or a precious cargo of school kids, you want to ensure your vehicle is maintained to the highest standards. More importantly, you want to know that it’s safe.

For nearly a decade, The Bell Block Service Centre have provided that reassurance to the Taranaki region.

Who are Bell Block Service Centre

We’ve all come to take the level of technology in our vehicles for granted, however, maintaining them is just as tech-dependent.

The workshops at Bell Block Service Centre contain a range of connected technologies that enable them to diagnose, update and service all manner of wheeled and tracked machinery. This includes the vehicles used by local St John and Fire Service teams.

The Bell Block team consists of authorised repairers for many prestigious brands, including Mercedes, Freightliner, Daimler and Fuso. For them to deliver efficient service, they need IT systems and connectivity that can keep up to speed with the constant changes in the industry.

Keeping up to date

Maintaining these fleets requires a range of complex diagnostic equipment that is frequently updated with software changes. This software enables assessments of vehicle faults with handheld scanners which connect back to the main systems and comprehensive diagnostic tools. Having this drop-out mid-download can cost time and create even bigger issues.

The Bell Block Service Centre had some bad experiences with a series of small IT operations which meant their systems were fraught with inefficient, echoey and unreliable phone systems. On top of that, their internet lacked the grunt to get the big jobs done. They needed a digital tune-up and decided to bundle up all their tech needs with Spark through their local business hub.

IT overhaul

Spark had already proven they had the mobile coverage for their Roadside Recovery team, who covered the Taranaki region. The roadside recovery team are capable of not just communicating with people needing assistance in remote places, but also capable of connecting and diagnosing vehicle problems there and then.

The Bell Block Service Centre wanted that same reliability across all their connectivity and IT. The local Spark Business Hub arranged the implementation of a complete IT overhaul, which was a pleasantly smooth process for the Bell Block team.

Ann Hildred of Bell Block Service Centre has nothing but praise for the team at the Taranaki Spark Business Hub. There are innovative new systems, but she values a little old-fashioned thing called service.

“They listened to what we needed before anything started - we didn’t even know it was happening until new things just started working.”
“What we really love is that they deliver what they say they will, and they’re available when we need them”.


With their IT tuned up and connectivity resolved,  The Bell Block Service Centre is set for the future and whatever the road holds.