With the help of mentorship from Frances Valintine, Luke Thompson took his sports streaming service from idea to scalable business in a short time.


Before meeting Frances Valintine, Luke Thompson’s start-up was at a crucial crossroads. He’d just missed out on a big pitch and was unsure of where to go next.


The mentor

Frances Valintine has vast experience working with businesses that want to get an idea off the ground or digitise their processes. She’s an expert who’s passionate about applying technology in business. So Luke’s start-up ticked a lot of boxes for her.

The start-up

Over several years, Luke Thompson developed technology to give anyone with an internet connection a platform that streams video. He tested his tech in soft launches at both CrossFit competitions and kickboxing pay-per-view events. Luke's goal was to turn the tech into a viable business.

Hands-on advice

Part of what Frances was able to offer Luke was an immediate action plan – part of a wider business strategy. This involved launching a pilot version and business model aimed at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Super 8 Competition.

“In the same way Uber mobilises people to become taxi drivers, SidelineApp wants to turn everyday sports clubs into live sports broadcasters.”

– Luke Thompson

The app instantly appealed to these sports teams, helping them share video of their games with their supporters. No matter where they are, mums, dads, grandmas and grandads can watch the game.

To monetise the idea, users pay for a "ticket" to stream the video. Twenty percent of the cost is donated back to the school, giving the team an easy and effective fundraising platform – another essential proposition for any sports club.

Scaling up

The SidelineApp platform changes the way an audience engages with grassroots sport, but it's more than that. It can also be used for other community-based events. This scalability has already piqued the interest of investors. The future is bright for the next phase of SidelineApp’s development. 

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Frances Valintine has played an important role in getting Luke’s business to where it is today.

On top of her experience and expertise, Frances brought a fresh perspective to SidelineApp. Her business acumen, knowledge and skill set has been invaluable for Luke. He's been able to surround the business with the right people at the right time by tapping into Frances’ vast network of connections.