Meet the mentor


Frances Valintine is a thought leader in emerging and disruptive technologies. She’s known as an expert in change initiatives and has vast experience advising a broad range of New Zealand industries – everything from agriculture to finance to retail to law.

Currently, Frances delivers postgraduate qualifications at her institutes, Tech Futures Lab and The Mind Lab. She also mentors individuals and businesses. In all her roles, Frances is passionate about helping people "buy back" their time. Most often this is by helping them and their organisations digitalise processes and increase productivity.

Mentorship from Frances is suited to businesses with a new idea that needs help to get off the ground, to businesses that want help digitising part of, or all, of their business.

Benefits of business mentoring

Timely advice

A mentor can provide experience and knowledge you might be lacking.


A mentor can keep you on-track and focused on the areas of your business that matter most.

Skill development

A mentor is someone you can learn from. The skills you develop will be valuable to you and your business well beyond the mentorship period.

See the big picture

A mentor sees your business with fresh eyes. They can see objectively and can help you identify opportunities you might have not seen on your own.


A mentor can give you access to their business network – providing priceless introductions and connections to other businesses and individuals they work with.

High-level support

Having a business mentor gives you an independent person to confide in, to bounce ideas with, and to discuss anything about your business. They’re there for you whether it’s to celebrate success, or to support you in challenging times.

For the terms and conditions, see the Spark Lab Business Mentoring Programme