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Why you should review your internet connection

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With the roll out of fibre-based Internet services across New Zealand, it is worthwhile reviewing your Internet connection to see what new pricing options and packages are available and how they could benefit your business.


For example, using a fast fibre-based Internet connection could save your business money by allowing you to use VOIP phone lines rather than costly traditional phone lines. It will also provide a more reliable connection, and give you faster download and upload speeds making using the cloud much easier and more effective. Moving to cloud based systems unlocks a whole range of remote and mobile working opportunities and can improve your cyber security. A list of Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) providers can be found on the Crown Fibre website.


Also on the Crown Fibre website is the latest information on the UFB roll out and the rural broadband initiative.


Case study
For Christchurch-based Dominion Flooring, getting Ultra-Fast Broadband was about making the best of its technology, increasing productivity and cutting costs. But it was also about retaining staff in a tight post-earthquake building market, and preparing the business for the future.


Case study

Watch the video (below) to see Sarah Henderson explain how fast broadband and digital technology has changed the way Perc Cafe does business - specifically their point of sale system and free wifi offering.



Case study.PNG

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