Spark Lab Pivot Reports Episode 4

People are crucial to business.

The human dimension of COVID-19 impacts across all aspects of business, from ourselves, to our employees and our customers. And because humans are complex, there are a variety of learnings in this week's very people-focused Pivot Report.

Russell Brown speaks with the following experts:

We adapt

Humans are amazing at adapting. What we saw from COVID-19 was that once that initial fear subsided and the essentials were under control, we’re generally able to tackle the new challenges.

As in any situation, consider how to create a sense of security to make those changes a bit easier to weather.

Use the resources

It’s okay to not be okay.

Recognise that these are trying times for everyone, and take advantage of the resources out there. Here are just some of the ways people can get help:

Get flexible

People all respond differently.

Set your boundaries and limits. But be aware you might need to flex with how you deal with both customers and staff. You’ll need a bit of patience. Take a minute and see how you can "be kind" in the situations that are testing you.

Culture counts

The experience we’ve been through has been difficult, but it's also been unifying. Make sure that sense of connection continues.

The culture you had before COVID-19 isn’t gone, and it will serve as a platform going forward and becoming even better.

Flexible future staffing

If you haven't used freelance or contract staff before, these are new staffing options that bring in different skills and tap into undiscovered opportunities. In fact, there might be an even richer talent pool to draw on than before.

Consider hiring freelancers or contractors to support your business.

Be optimistic

There’s fear out there. But research shows there’s also a lot of consumer optimism, especially in New Zealand.

So while the news can be gloomy, the general population aren’t feeling as gloomy as the situation might suggest.

Read the room

As consumers and customers move through the crisis, adjust your tone and approach. What might have been seen as a supporting action through lockdown may be seen as taking advantage as we come through the other side.

In our next Pivot Report, we push the boat out as we explore the trade horizons and how the export sector is responding to COVID-19.