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Make smarter decisions with audience personas

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An audience persona tells the story of an imaginary person who characterises a target group of your customers. Based on real data, personas are typically quite detailed and give you a picture of your audience complete with name, photo, product interests, pain points and marketing preferences.


Target the right customers

Research statistics about your customers are difficult to remember and they tend to cover broad market segments. Personas completely change this by humanising the data. People are naturally interested in people, so personas make it easy to get to know a few representative individuals and keep them front of mind.


Personas help you in various ways

  • Make smarter day-to-day decisions based on real customer needs
  • Target the right customers and communicate with them meaningfully
  • Design service improvements or new products that deliver what customers want


Enabling customer-driven decisions

Delivering what customers really need is the most certain path to business success. Personas quickly help existing and new employees, business partners and external agencies understand who your customers are. Many businesses create persona posters for office and meeting room walls to bring the customer right into the heart of their organisation. Making decisions, setting strategy and prioritising investment with your customers ‘looking on’ helps to ensure the right calls are made for the right reasons.


Creating more meaningful conversations

When it comes to communication, sales and marketing, knowing your audience well and targeting your efforts to the right people delivers the best results. Personas help everyone to understand how your target customer defines success, what their pain points are, what they believe in and how they seek out information. This makes it much easier to connect with the right people and communicate in ways they appreciate, understand and respond to.


Making the right improvements

Personas can also guide continuous improvement in service delivery and product development. Simple things like having your customers’ biggest frustrations front-of-mind can lead to significant ‘ah ha’ moments during routine business activities. Thinking about how proposed improvements will benefit a specific persona helps you set marketing priorities and focus innovation to ensure that highly-valued customer benefits are always front-and-centre.


An example of a persona

Have a look at this high-level persona example for a fictitious garden tools company. This company would also create a persona for a business-to-business customer, such as landscaping and garden maintenance contractors.


Download your persona template

We’ve created an easy-to-use persona template that you can complete for each of your customer groups. It’s part of our template e-book that will help you take your marketing efforts to the next level. Download 5 Templates to Drive Marketing Success now.

  • Get 5 templates to drive marketing success

    Ensure your marketing is effective and driving a solid return on investment with these 5 key marketing templates. Get these interactive marketing templates which will be the basis to develop a strong marketing strategy.

    You get:

    • Persona Development
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Marketing Plan
    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Campaign ROI calculator
  • Marketing Success



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