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Russell Brown: Kia ora koutou. I'm Russell Brown and this is the "Internet of Awesome Things", brought you by Spark. This is a series all about the internet of things or IoT – where it came from, where it's going, what it actually is and what it means for you and your business. Large or small, change is in motion, but don't just ask me; ask futurist and technology sage, Frances Valintine.

Frances, what is this thing called the internet of things?

Frances Valintine: If you imagine that every connection that we have today is amplified so that everything from your fridge and your air conditioning unit as connected, but also the way you think about all the small components of your life. Suddenly everything will be talking to each other and we'll be able to understand those relationships between the resources we have. What this means for business is we're going to get visibility and clarity of all of our resources. We'll understand the utilisation of what we're doing, how it's working and what's not working.

Russell Brown: If you can't get your head around it, consider this: There are already more things, there's devices that are computers, phones or TVs that connect to the internet than there are humans on earth. The internet of things is bigger than the internet of us, and it's barely begun.

In the series we'll look at everything IoT. We'll tell the story of it's humble, but practical beginnings as a way to find out if there was any Coke in the machine at a U.S. university. We'll find some New Zealand connections that might surprise you, and we'll look to a very near future where IoT will be changing the game in logistics, healthcare, transport and the way our cities operate.

The "Internet of Awesome Things" is written and presented by me, Russell Brown, with help from some people who know a lot more about this than I do and produced together with Spark. You can subscribe to the "Internet of Awesome Things" at or wherever you get your podcasts. I'll look forward to you joining us for the rest of the series because we have 20 billion things to talk about.

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Russell Brown
NZ tech journalist

Russell Brown has made a career out of getting his head around complicated topics and communicating them. He's been creating content for the internet since 1993, and he was the first blogger to win a national media award. Russell is a go-to commentator on the media, technology and music industries.