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Russell Brown: Kia ora koutou. I'm Russell Brown and this is "The Internet of Awesome Things", a podcast all about the Internet of Things brought to you by Spark.

One of the things that takes IoT beyond the realm of tech hype is the fact that it's so often just plain functional and does jobs that no one has to spend time in meetings conceiving as a use case. And for business, one of those jobs is the very basic issue of knowing where your stuff is. Whether it's kit that hits the road or things that move around the site, asset tracking is a key use for the Internet of Things. In this episode we'll look at the experience of one of New Zealand's biggest companies and talk about what's on offer and what's to come in IoT asset tracking. Maybe we'll even find the Holy Grail.

To aid me in the search I'm delighted to be joined by Kevin Drinkwater, Chief Information Officer for Mainfreight, which uses a network of IoT devices to track something we all want tracked: hazardous waste bins. Welcome, Kevin. 

Kevin Drinkwater: Thanks for having me, Russell. 

Russell Brown: Now if I could start with what I talked about in the intro there, about the way that IoT solutions are often deeply functional, you know, they solve a well-established problem. Was that your experience at Mainfreight? 

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Russell Brown
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Russell Brown has made a career out of getting his head around complicated topics and communicating them. He's been creating content for the internet since 1993, and he was the first blogger to win a national media award. Russell is a go-to commentator on the media, technology and music industries.