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Russell Brown: Kia ora koutou and welcome to the "Internet of Awesome Things" podcast brought to you by Spark. I'm Russell Brown.

If you've been with us for the long haul, you know, since episode 1, you might recall that the original IoT devices were connected by wires: solid, sensible and flexible wires. That all started to change as far back as the 1990s when technologies developed for mobile phones turned out to be more effective and cheaper in the long run than wired networks. And in 2019 when we talk about the internet of things we are basically talking about a wireless internet. And with the latest generation of wireless technology in the wings, 5G, things are about to get really interesting. But there's a road to travel yet to ubiquitous 5G, and the wireless internet of things will continue to expand and diversify before we get there.

With me now to talk about all that are Spark's lead for Network Evolution, Colin Brown, and telecommunications commentator Paul Brislen. Welcome gentlemen.

Colin & Paul: Thank you.

Russell Brown: Now Colin, we're going to talk about 5G obviously, but maybe we should start with how we got to 5G. The story of wireless networking is basically the story of the mobile phone, isn't it?

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Russell Brown
NZ tech journalist

Russell Brown has made a career out of getting his head around complicated topics and communicating them. He's been creating content for the internet since 1993, and he was the first blogger to win a national media award. Russell is a go-to commentator on the media, technology and music industries.