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Russell Brown: Kia ora koutou. I'm Russell Brown and this is the "Internet of Awesome Things", brought to you by Spark. This episode isn't the one we trailered at the end of episode 1. Things are moving pretty quickly in IoT and we're right in the thick of it. So when Spark held an internet of things event for business leaders in Auckland recently, the keynote came from chief executive Jolie Hodson. Just before that speech I conducted the live panel discussion with key players and that's what we're bringing you in this episode. We weren't the only show on the day: Gartner's Neil Osmond laid out the big picture, Mainfreight CEO Kevin Drinkwater went through the company's asset tracking success story, Nathalie Morris of Qrious emphasised the data dimension, and Pete Loveridge of St John brought it back home to people. 

I spoke to Kriv Naiker, executive director of the IoT Alliance and founder of Synaptic, a strategic firm focussed on disruptive technologies; Stephen Brown, a telematics specialist, Directed Electronics; and Spark Product Director Tessa Tierney, a member of the company's senior leadership team. The theme of the discussion was the risk of not moving on IoT, but we covered a lot more ground than that. Let me take you there now. And bear in mind it was a breakfast event so BYO or just imagine the aroma of tasty, tasty bacon.

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Russell Brown has made a career out of getting his head around complicated topics and communicating them. He's been creating content for the internet since 1993, and he was the first blogger to win a national media award. Russell is a go-to commentator on the media, technology and music industries.