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Benefits of online recruitment

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Reducing the time it takes to hire someone, and the cost of advertising your job are just two of the benefits of using online recruitment tools.


Online Job Sites

Online job sites are the most popular of the online recruitment tools, especially for small to medium sized businesses. A large proportion of job seekers (estimated at approx. 96%) use online job search tools, such as Seek and Trademe Jobs.  Using these tools, candidates can set up specific search criteria and be automatically notified of jobs that meet their criteria - industry, location, salary etc. For an employer who sets up their job advertisement with good keywords, these tools can also provide a powerful way to get your job ad found by a larger number of suitable candidates. For more options, Careers NZ provides a list of job vacancy and recruitment websites.


In terms of speed to market, employers can post a job ad in as little as 10 minutes on an online job site. The ad will remain visible for a specified time and the business may start receiving applications almost instantly. In contrast, a newspaper ad may take a week to appear from when it was requested and will only appear on one day.


The costs are usually much less to advertise on an online job site than in a newspaper. You can also update your ad at anytime - even it you have already published it. You can usually also include your logo, links to your website and other elements to make the ad more engaging, and your organisation more appealing to potential candidates. However, these extra features may increase the cost of your online ad. 


Some online recruitment tools also enable employers to automatically screen candidates, manage contacts and workflow, provide online assessments and even interview candidates online. Again, these features usually come with an additional cost. 


Remember to use your website and social media

Don't overlook using your website and social media channels when recruiting new talent. Create a page on your website dedicated to recruitment. If you have time, do more than just post the job specifications or description. Think about how you can 'sell' your organisation to attract great potential candidates. Provide information on the benefits of working for your organisation. What do you offer that others don't? Talk about your organisational culture and values. Consider using testimonials, case studies or video interviews of existing staff talking about why they love working at your organisation. 


Whether you have a recruitment page on your website or not, you should make sure to let your social media networks know about any vacancies and ask them to share it with anyone they think would be interested.  Who better than the people who follow and like your organisation to help you get the word out to potential candidates? As with any social media post, keep it conversational in tone. Think about the action/s you want people to take when they see it - share it, download a job description, contact you to discuss, or visit a recruitment page on your website etc. 



Internationally, LinkedIn is well established as a professional network and recruitment tool. It has a strong presence in New Zealand and continues to grow its market share. This is also an excellent channel to notify people of a vacancy. You can pay to post a job ad on LinkedIn which will allow you to reach a specific target audience. Or, you can simply post the key job details, and a link to more information on your LinkedIn company page at no cost, which will reach your existing followers. Think about a headline that will appeal to the type of people you would like to apply. Like or share the post yourself and ask your employees to do the same.  

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