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Eight tips for executing a successful marketing strategy

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Once you’ve crafted a marvellous marketing strategy and tactical plan, it’s time to start rolling things out.

Here are 8 smart tips for ensuring your marketing efforts make an impact with your customers and your bottom line:


1. Allow slippage, but not too much. It’s likely that some elements of your plan will take longer than the timeframes you’ve indicated. Timings may need to be adjusted, however don’t let them stretch out too far or the task will never get done.

2. Repeat and repeat again. Ads and messages require repetition to get through, so don’t necessarily change out your execution just because you’re getting tired of it. Give things some time and try testing email subject lines, different Facebook ads, different offers and different calls to action on your website.

3. Get help when you need it. If you’re short on human resources for some aspects of your marketing, consider hiring a university student intern for specific tasks. Choose someone who’s studying marketing and it’ll be a win-win.

4. Add your campaign message and social media channels to your email footer. Your email footer is a valuable advertising medium that costs nothing.

5. Take a narrower focus with AdWords. If using Google AdWords is part of your plan, try to find keywords and phrases that your competitors aren’t using. You’ll pay less per click this way. For example, say you sell locally-made, modern office furniture. Instead of paying for a generic terms like ‘office furniture’, choose keywords that include what makes your product unique. Try a term like ‘modern office furniture’ or ‘bespoke office furniture’ to attract people who are specifically looking for what you sell. Find more keyword tips in How to get the most out of SEO and SEM.

6. Encourage Google Maps and Facebook reviews. Your marketing plan will have a better chance of success if potential customers see great reviews for your business, service or product. When your salespeople have a happy customer, ask them to request a Google Maps or Facebook review.

7. Split your main budget into smaller budgets. Rather than dipping into one big pot of money until it’s all gone, allocate a realistic budget (based on facts, not hearsay) to every project within your marketing plan. This way you’ll be less likely to run out of funds before the year is up.

8. If in doubt, trust your personas. A persona tells the story of an imaginary person who characterises a target group of your customers. Based on real data, personas are typically quite detailed and give you a picture of your audience. When you’re evaluating creative executions, think of your personas and what they need. It’s the key to better relationships and ultimately sales.


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