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Security policy

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A business security policy covers how your business plans to protect its physical and IT assets.


A security policy needs to be updated regularly to reflect changes in technology and employee requirements. (Your security policy may include an acceptable use policy). It should outline what an employee can and can’t do when using IT equipment and services.


How do I create one?

Consider undertaking an audit to determine the risk factors in your business, for example: do you have a password that is changed regularly and not easily guessed, a secure way to keep sensitive documents and an anti-virus product on your computers and other devices?


Once this review has taken place, the most appropriate security systems can be identified. It is important to remind your staff the importance of good security practices and regularly undertake a review to ensure you keep your company information secure.


A great resource to assist with creating Security Policy is Connect Smart. They provide a toolkit for NZ SMEs to help businesses protect themselves online.

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